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About Us


I once had a Sharpei named LuLu.  She was my constant companion and my inspiration for this line. From our many adventures and stories from other pet lovers, ideas came for this line of animated pewter charms of LuLu and friends. The characters are whimsical and some are outrageous, but as most pet lovers will agree, our furry friends have such unique personalities and that's what I hope to capture.  



Ever since I can remember, my family and friends were always going to Las Vegas.  It seems like a big part of their lives revolve around these trips.  They are constantly exchanging gambling stories and secrets with each other.  And when someone comes across a new trick or gimmick to win the "BIG BUCKS" - no matter how crazy it is - everyone's anxious to try it!

With all the fascination that everyone has toward Las Vegas, I wanted to create something fun that captured these superstitious beliefs that people live by.  Thus, the MyLuckyFrog line was born.

Over the past 20 years, the line has grown to well over 100 whimsical pewter charms.

Frogs are said to be good luck because in Japanese, frog translates to "kaeru" which means, "to return" (as in your money!).  

Everyone is always willing to try something new to bring a little luck on their side.  Owning any of the MyLuckyFrog charms may just deliver that extra edge or confidence needed to make your dreams come true!