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paws out

shasta.bw ahhhhhh how good it is to sleep in a fluffy comfy california king size bed. all for me? it was about 4 years ago that my sleeping quarters was a hard, cold, cement kennel... :( although the humans over at Oahu SPCA were so kind to all of us, and tried to make us feel as comfortable as possible, with volunteers building us canvas style beds with PVC, which was super nice of them. us rescues really did appreciate those :) but man oh man, am i in heaven now!!! i even have my very own pillow! if i could, i would sleep the whole day, but my human constantly interrupts my sleep to go potty. don't they know by now i am house trained??? but just to keep the peace, i "try" to follow the rules and go do my business in the yard. which between you and me, needs to be weeded out. i mean, badly.  it's midnight here in paradise, so i'm gonna stick my ear buds in my cute floppy ears and off to dreamland i go.  i wonder if my sister lulu will come visit me tonight.  more about her in future posts.  i never "officially" met her, but it was because of her, i am here today writing to you all.  good night all and please go visit your local shelter and open up your amazing heart to one of my fellow rescues... i promise your life will change for the better.  i want all of them to experience the deep, "no worry" kind of sleep i do every night.  zzzzzzzzz paws out.

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