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paws out

ahhhhhh how good it is to sleep in a fluffy comfy california king size bed. all for me? it was about 4 years ago that my sleeping quarters was a hard, cold, cement kennel... :( although the humans over at Oahu SPCA were so kind to all of us, and tried to make us feel as comfortable as possible, with volunteers building us canvas style beds with PVC, which was super nice of them. us rescues really did appreciate those :) but man oh man, am i in heaven now!!! i even have my very own pillow! if i could, i...

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christina tosi is amazing!

i was finally able to save up some very very hard earned cash from my modeling jobs, some baby sitting of siamese turtles, and even got a few coins walking my neighbors bunny triplets. late one night i was able to sneak onto my humans ipad and pre-ordered the milk bar LIFE cookbook.  luckily i was tanning outside when the mailman delivered it, so the human didn't see me receiving it. anyway, the book is AWESOME! i am a HUGE FAN of the culinary genius christina tosi! i am extra proud to share this selfie with you and i highly...

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laugh till it hurts

just a quick reminder to always treat everyone with kindness. but mostly i wanna tell everyone to always LAUGH till it HURTS. especially learn to laugh at yourself. trust me on this one. have a great weekend! paws out.

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freaky friday flashback

here is a photo of me during my modeling years that i wanted to share with you and ask my audience if i look tired and slumpy. this was a very early morning shoot for a small teeny tiny company. goes without saying i was not fed nor groomed before the shoot, since they are on such a "tight budget", yeah tight alright. but, it was a "favor" for a dear friend, so i figure i need to give back to my community. i am definitely not a morning dog, so if i appear to look a bit cranky and...

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washed up model

i know you just did a double take of the headline. my very first blog post in my most awesomest life EVER, and i have to come out with that. but sadly it is all true… or is it. i invite you to strap on your fanny pack and venture with me on this rabbit habit forming, up and down roller coaster ride we call L I F E. i will be cranking everything out from side to side no filter needed, grammar will be guaranteed wrong, chronological order definitely off, thoughts will be farting out of my arse full speed...

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